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12 min read | October 5, 2020

Influencers’ audience overlapping

When talking about Influencer Marketing, it is very important to fully know the audience we want to reach with our campaigns. Nowadays, there are so many ways of approaching a certain target audience on social media that sometimes it can become confusing. Am I reaching the correct audience?. Influencity’s clients are now able to know the audience overlapping among influencers. 

Audience Overlapping, is a functionality Influencity has included in order to impact the audience much more accurately when managing campaigns. This is an important piece of information that needs to be taken into account depending on the goals we have set. 

representative graph of the duplicity of audience

Through this new feature, we help our clients to identify more realistically the audience they want to send a message to. Thanks to this overlapping information, we will obtain the number of unique or shared followers each influencer has.

Understand audience overlapping easily 

Here’s an example of 3 different influencers and their followers: 

  • Influencer 1: follower 1, follower 2 y follower 3
  • influencer 2:  follower 1,  follower 4
  • Influencer 3:  follower 1,  follower 3follower 5

If we take these numbers, these would be the unique followers: 

  • Influencer 1: 1 unique follower (follower 1 and follower 3 also follow another influencer, so that’s why the only unique follower is number 2)
  • Influencer 2: 1 unique follower (follower 1 also follows other influencers, so that’s why the only unique follower is number 4)
  • Influencer 3: 1 unique follower (follower 1 and follower 3 also follow another influencer, so that’s why the only unique follower is number 5)

Con influencity, podrás realizar campañas de éxito con la nueva funcionalidad de Influencity que te permite obtener la audiencia única de un grupo de influencers

As we can see, the total number of followers is 8, this is the addition of all the influencers’ followers. On the other hand, the total number of unique followers is 5, this is the addition of all the followers that are not present in more than one analyzed influencer. Finally, it is also important to notice the total number of unique followers per influencer, which is 3 (followers number 2, 4 and 5).

Thanks to Audience Overlapping, we will know exactly what percentage of unique followers and what percentage of repeated followers we are reaching with our campaign. 

Its value for Influencer Marketing

Influencity has designed a feature that indicates our audience overlapping, because depending on the goal we want to achieve, we will have to work with influencers that share their audience or not. 

When starting working on a campaign, the first thing you should set is the goals to be achieved and the target audience we want to reach. Audience overlapping provided by Influencity is very important to answer these kinds of questions: Do we want our message to impact the same audience several times or, in contrast, we want to reach as many people as possible? 

For example, if we are working on a retargeting campaign, we will want our message to keep impacting the same public continuously by different influencers, that is why our campaign will need to have a high percentage of shared audience and a low number of unique followers.

Audience overlapping metric is very helpful for this kind of campaign in which you want to focus on a very niche group of people, because you can make sure that the same person will get the message several times from different prescriptors.

But, on the other hand, if what we want is to raise awareness and reach a great and diverse number of people, we will have to go for a low overlapping percentage and a higher number of unique followers. 

Improve your campaign’s reach

When doing an influencer hunting, it is very important to know the percentage of overlapped audience of the chosen profiles. 

The fact that there is a high percentage of overlapped audience doesn’t mean we won’t reach our target audience. The key is to identify if your campaign needs to have the same audience impacted several times from several channels or, conversely, if the influencers with their publications have to reach the broadest audience possible, reaching more people. 

This functionality will add great value when managing a successful campaign. Influencity’s clients will now be able to take this and other functionalities into account when creating high quality campaigns. 

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