Influencer marketing plans: how to optimise your budget

The democratisation of communication, particularly on social media, has made it possible for almost anyone to share commercial messages. Not all social media users, however, have the same charisma as influencers do, who dedicate their time to creating attractive and quality content directed at a specific audience, turning them into the new opinion leaders and celebrities of the 21st century.

This new concept of an influencer has created numerous opportunities for companies who have started incorporating these profiles into their advertising strategies. In this post, we’re going to show you how to collaborate with influencers for your next marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out!

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Why you should include influencers in your marketing strategies

Digital influencers have become a must for any successful marketing strategy, since they’re capable of reaching big audiences and influencing their followers’ purchase behaviour, causing just as powerful an impact as traditional marketing techniques.

As a brand, launching marketing actions with leading influencers from the same sector is one of the best bets for boosting company growth and brand awareness, since potential clients are much more responsive to organic and “friendly” marketing techniques over traditional, intrusive marketing.

Benefits of launching campaigns with influencers

Elaborating a detailed marketing plan has a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Improve SEO positioning

The content generated for your campaign will be shared by influencers who will in turn encourage their followers to do the same, which is exactly why influencer marketing is considered one of the best strategies for positioning new brands on the market.



  • Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns

An influencer personally recommending products to their followers is a non-invasive and more effective method for impacting users in a natural way.

  • Improve brand reputation

If influencers speak well of your company, this will provide an element of credibility and increase trust in your brand.

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●      Generate conversation

If current opinion leaders are mentioning your brand in conversation, this will generate social interaction with your company.


●      Increase web traffic

If influencers are sharing content related to your brand on their social media accounts and generating conversation, their followers will feel intrigued and turn to your website to find out more information, therefore drastically increasing web traffic.

How to elaborate a marketing plan with influencers: steps and tips

To draw up an effective influencer marketing plan, the most important thing to define is the objectives that will determine the strategy:

  • An influencer marketing plan should contain a summary of the most important points of any communication plan (objectives, target audience, messages and brand values) as well as the assigned budget.
  • Establish the objectives you wish to achieve.
  • Tell a story. Each campaign should tell a story and brands should figure out the messages they wish to share with their target audience before launching the campaign.

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  • Once you’ve chosen the strategic factors of the campaign, you can start looking at the more operative decisions, such as which social network you’ll be using, the type of publication and campaign duration.
  • The final step is choosing the perfect influencer for your campaign.

What type of marketing actions can you include in influencer marketing campaigns?

A well as the steps you should follow when elaborating your marketing strategy, we’re also going to indicate the best marketing actions you can implement in your campaigns.

●      Recommendations

Amongst the more traditional advertising methods used on TV for many years, recommendations are able to make a big impact in the mind of a potential client.


●      Events

Another effective marketing action is hosting an event in which the influencer takes on the role of a brand ambassador, which can generate visibility on social media, widely diffusing your brand.

●      Competitions and raffles

As well as using influencers to share your brand’s message, they can also promote raffles and competitions with their followers – a recipe for instant success. Users will be keen to participate and engage with this type of content.

●      Blog collaborations

If your company has a blog that is considered referential within your sector, in which you generate quality and attractive content for your target audience, another marketing action you could consider is collaborating with influencers as guest writers for your blog.

How to make the most of your influencer marketing budget

●      Define your budget

Once you’ve defined your company’s marketing budget, divide it amongst the various actions and determine what amount will be used solely for influencer marketing campaigns.


●      Estimate costs

If you’ve selected a series of the marketing actions we’ve seen previously, figure out how much each action will cost.


●      Elaborate a document that details your budget




Any decisions made regarding your budget should be noted in a document which should include the following points:

  1. Categories: the determined budget for each area of marketing.
  2. Budget: the total amount of money dedicated to each influencer marketing action.
  3. Expenses: the amount spent throughout the development of the campaign.
  4. Remaining: how much of the initial budget you’ve got left to spend.
  5. Remaining percentage: the percentage of the aforementioned amount.


●      Monitor campaign actions

Your budget document will be modified as the campaign develops and monitoring this document is key for staying in control of your campaign.


As we’ve seen in this article, influencer marketing can have numerous benefits for your company. We recommend following the steps mentioned in this post and elaborating a detailed plan to ensure complete campaign success.

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