60+ features available at your fingertips

Achieve total Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) with the most comprehensive program in existence.

store influencers in a database

Prioritize your influencer list based on campaign needs

single database

An influencer database for your entire enterprise

Keep your colleagues in the loop for influencer database management that synchronizes with everyone in your business.

Influencer database growth without the clutter

Databases stay organized and accessible no matter how many influencers you add. Sharing is seamless across your enterprise.

add influencers to database

Your favorite influencers, always a click away

Save them for later or when you’re ready to run your influencer marketing campaign.

select favorite influencers

How do you search for influencers?

Followers? Age? Gender? Locale? All of them? Mix and match filters to quickly pinpoint the influencer that fits all your campaign needs.

Compile influencer lists on a massive scale

You’re never short of options – even when your campaign demands are ever-changing. Sort influencers by common attributes such as category, locale, and project. Access them again when your campaign requires even the most specific mix of Boho-chic-in-Canada influencer.

work with lists of influencers

Your favorites, in one list

Don’t remember which influencer rocked your last campaign? Pull up your favorites list to find that one influencer whose work you love the best.

select favorite influencers lists

Influencer lists: Shareable and Printable

Never skip a beat in your next influencer-related meeting. Print or share your list of influencers with anyone for instant feedback.

share lists influencers
Still working hard on your influencer marketing strategy?

Discover the most comprehensive solution available with more than 70 million influencers available to make your strategy easier.

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