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"San Ballantines" was created for all those who prefer to be alone on Valentine's day. A fun campaign that managed to bring together all those who hate this romantic date.


February 14th: #SanBallantines. Spirit brand, Pernord Ricard, decided to create something special for all those people who don't celebrate Valentine's day, and who want to enjoy this special day in a different way. They choose Twitter as their platform for this campaign.

The Influencers

Twitter influencers, adults, with a sense of humor and funny content.



During a whole day, an army of Twitter users shared messages, funny pictures and even memes to celebrate #SanBallantines instead of Valentine's day


Mission acomplished! The main objective was to be a national Trending Topic and we did it! The brand also received a lot of positive publicity for creating something fun in collaboration with influencers who specialize in humorous content.

5.9MTotal reach

4790Total interactions


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