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#AXEYOU is AXE's new product. With the help of our influencers, and the hashtag #TúTienesAlgo (#YouGotSomething), we managed to promote the idea that everyone has something special, be it their hair, nose or lips. AXE helped bring out a different side in people through a casting in which the influencers played the most important part: the jury.


Launch AXE's new deodorant, AXEYou. Mindshare created a contest to find the most original person out there and and spread it across social networks using the hashtag #TúTienesAlgo (#YouGotSomething). We handpicked the influencers who would take part in this competition as the jury and who would help spread the word with their online presence.

The Influencers

We chose three Youtubers who fit the brand: Curricé, Berry Berryuca and MegaGlowen. Fun individuals who put care and effort into their high quality content and who are also original, just like the people AXE was looking for... Three very different people who, together, formed an amazing team.



The strategy was very clear. We divided the campaign into three phases: first, the preparatory phase. The influencers took to their social networks to encourage their audience to participate in the contest. Next, the competitive phase: trips, castings and a lot of creativity. In the third and final phase, the influencers summarized the experience in a series of videos on AXE's Youtube channel, in which the winner was finally announced.


A shoot in Barcelona, several videos on Youtube explaining the process and a final video with the competition winner. This campaign had a lot of reach on social networks, but the most important thing were the interactions, which was exactly what the brand was looking for.

2.1MTotal reach

395.4KTotal interactions



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