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Influencers: festival-goers with Brugal Rum this summer

Summer isn’t complete without a festival and a festival isn’t complete without a marketing campaign by an alcohol brand. Music festivals are the perfect place for alcohol brands to carry out campaigns with influencers and impact their audience on social networks. So, which was the latest brand to fill our Instagram feed with their campaign this summer? Brugal Rum with their campaign #FestivaleandoConBrugal (in English, #FestivalingWithBrugal).

Influencers like  @angynas, @gominuke, @holajulen, @omglobalnews, @percebesygrelos and @kikillovlogs, amongst others, attended the Weekend Beach Festival, the first of many festivals in which Brugal Rum is participating with their campaign.

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Results from hashtag search #festivaleandoconbrugal

How did the idea of “festivaling” with Brugal Rum come about?

The dominican rum brand has gone one step further this summer and taken a bet on the power of social media influencers. Not only have they collaborated with influencers, but also with people who, despite not dedicating themselves professionally to Influencer Marketing, have a high engagement rate on their social network profiles. Brugal Rum has given these collaborators the title of “fest masters”.

At the start of the summer, the brand launched the #FestivaleandoConBrugal campaign. They made a special appeal both on their website and their Instagram account (@ronbrugal_es) looking for the best trend setters on social media. A total of 60 “Fest Masters” and more than 10 influencers were chosen to enjoy a summer full of festivals throughout all of Spain. In exchange for this experience, the Fest Masters and influencers chosen by the brand must post Instastories and photos on their Instagram profiles sharing their experience at each festival, along with the campaign hashtag.

What repercussion did this campaign have on Instagram?

More than 900 publications on Instagram, made up of both Instastories and posts; and that’s just from one festival.

Amongst the most notable KPIs from this campaign, which the brand was able to analyse thanks to Influencity’s software, is the total Earned Media of more than 8,000$ and more than 6% engagement rate.

For the moment, the campaign is proving to be a success. In terms of the impacted audience, the majority is located in Spain, aged between 25 and 34 years old and is an equal mix of men and women.

Results of combination of 9 publications by Angy Fernández, Carolina Iglesias, Gomi, Alejandro Risso, Kikillo, Omai and Ana Bedoya via Influencity’s software

The campaign collaborated with both macro and microinfluencers, as well as local influencers from the city in which the festival took place. One of the highest performing publications from the campaign was that of @gominuke, which achieved a total Earned Media of $1.253,47 and more than 6% engagement rate.

 Results of @gominuke’s post via Influencity’s software

As we mentioned previously, the campaign also collaborated with local influencers. One example of a notable publication by a local microinfluencer (from Malaga) is that of @alejandro_risso. His publication achieved a total Earned Media of $507.66 and almost 9% engagement rate.

Results of @alejandro_risso’s post via Influencity’s software

Aside from being an original campaign, it’s seeing a lot of success on Instagram. Thousands of people have seen the posts depicting the Fest Masters and influencers’ experiences, and, of course, the concept of festival-going with Brugal Rum.

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