Cómo hacer Instagram Influencer Marketing

Tips for developing an Influencer Marketing campaign

When it comes to promoting a brand’s image, more and more companies are turning to Influencer Marketing campaigns. These types of strategies are less expensive than traditional advertising and not as invasive, since they’re about creating content that is of interest to the target audience and don’t tend to be seen as commercial actions, meaning the audience are much more receptive. Amongst all of the social networks, Instagram seems to have ...

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campañas de influencers

Influencers: festival-goers with Brugal Rum this summer

Summer isn’t complete without a festival and a festival isn’t complete without a marketing campaign by an alcohol brand. Music festivals are the perfect place for alcohol brands to carry out campaigns with influencers and impact their audience on social networks. So, which was the latest brand to fill our Instagram feed with their campaign this summer? Brugal Rum with their campaign #FestivaleandoConBrugal (in English, #FestivalingWithBrugal). Influencers like  @angynas, @gominuke, @holajulen, ...

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Foto de Instagram enseñando una mano con el reloj de Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington or how to use Instagram to grow your brand by leaps and bounds

When we say “Daniel Wellington” (DW), the first thing that probably pops into your head, apart from the silhouette of a watch, is Instagram. Or perhaps both at the same time. Founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander, the Swedish brand has experienced incredible growth on (and also thanks to) this social network With currently more than 1,700,000 posts with the hashtag #danielwellington and more than 4 million followers on Instagram, DW is ...

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Fotografia fiesta Ballantines

Ballantine’s Valentine’s day campaign: #SanBallantines – Influencity Blog

Once again, well-known whisky brand, Ballantine’s, launched a special campaign for all the singletons this Valentine’s day. Thought you were going to be home alone on Valentine’s day, just because you’re single? Think again! Ballentine’s put together an irresistible plan for you and your friends! In this article, we’re going to explain how this campaign managed to become a Trending Topic on Twitter. (Foto de Tendencias en el 14 de Febrero)   (Trending Topic ...

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Blanca Suarez para la campaña de Samsung

Samsung’s #somosSMARTgirl campaign

Influencer Marketing works - just ask Samsung Spain. Thanks to their latest campaign’s hashtag, #SomosSMARTgirl (in English #WeareSMARTgirls), they were able to successfully launch and market several new mobile phones, such as the Samsung Note8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, to a female target audience. #SomosSMARTgirl was devised to catch the eye of those who love fashion and design. To do so, they created a series of designs that fit in ...

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Latas de Sou Tea

SouTea Campaign #SouGood

Just a few months ago, Sou Tea, a new and totally natural healthy drink, made its debut on the market. Alongside their official launch, the brand decided to execute an Influencer Marketing campaign to really make an impact on their target audience (men and women between 18 and 35 years old). We’re here to tell you what strategies they used to make themselves known. What were their main objectives? To raise brand ...

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