Real challenges brands face when working with influencers

Brands that work with influencers don’t just do so to increase their visibility; in fact, their campaign objectives tend to be rather varied. Sometimes influencers are the perfect solution for improving a brand’s reputation or the most efficient method for associating a brand with specific values. Regardless of the goals that brands wish to achieve, each influencer marketing campaign implies a significant challenge for companies. In this article, we’re going to ...

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Rebranding campaign? Douglas Cosmetics take a chance on influencers

“Beauty should reflect the best version of yourself, your inner self, which is confident and sure in itself.” These are the words of one of the most famous influencers in the world, Gala González, for Douglas Cosmetics’ rebranding campaign. Various Spanish influencers, such as @rocio0sorno, @gracyvillarreal, @meeeeeeeel_, @marvaldel and @meryturiel, posted on their Instagram feeds responding to the question, “What is beauty?”, with the campaign hashtag, #TheNewDouglas. Results from searching for ...

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South Summit 2018

“Think globally, act locally” Daniel Sánchez, CEO of Influencity

More than 650 investors and 100 companies came together under one roof for the industry event of the year, where more business opportunities were to be found per square metre than anywhere else in world. And this year, Influencity was more present than ever. We’re talking about South Summit, the leading platform for innovation and business development, which aims to connect the most technological startups in the world with investors and ...

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campañas de influencers

The Spanish kings of travel on Instagram: Viajawäy

It defines itself as all-you-can-eat-buffet of cracking plans and has managed to completely disassociate themselves from the term “package holiday”. Its message is clear and so is its communication strategy; influencer marketing. We’re referring to Viajawäy, a company from the Barceló group, which organises trips to the most desirable locations around the world, such as the Caribbean, Mallorca and Morocco, amongst others. Aída Domenech, María Pombo, Marta Lozano, María F Rubíes, Oscar ...

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The Intimissimi Fashion Show: Celebrities vs Influencers

Verona may be the home of Romeo and Juliet, but this month, influencers were the protagonists in this Italian city. Just like every other year, lingerie brand Intimissimi put together a fashion show to present next season’s designs, and what better way to show them off than through the use of social media? Hundreds of influencers and celebrities from all over the world filled the streets of Verona with glamour ...

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Consejos para tu campaña de Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: everything you need to know before launching your campaign

Have you heard about the incredible results that Influencer Marketing can offer? Fancy trying it out for yourself? Well done - you’ve made a great decision! However, just like any other type of marketing campaign, it’s important to do things right. Before getting carried away with the excitement of it all, make sure you know what influencer marketing consists of and how to launch a campaign in the most efficient way ...

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Influencers are having a #HawaiinanSummer with Hawaiian Tropic

We all know that sun protection is of the utmost important for our skin, but it’s always good to be reminded - and what better way than via social media! The influencers who participated in legendary sunscreen brand Hawaiian Tropic’s campaign this summer certainly helped get the message across to their followers. The sunscreen brand launched a campaign with influencers with the hashtag #HawaiianSummer to present their new products and their ...

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Influencers are erasing it all on Instagram with Maybelline

By now, we’re used to seeing our Instagram feeds and youtube full to the brim with videos of influencers collaborating with brands for new product launches. But, what about with products that are already on the market? #LoBorraTodo (in English, #EraseItAll) is a new campaign by Maybelline which demonstrates that influencer marketing campaigns are not just effective for launching new products, but also for reminding customers of a product’s existence and, ...

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Key questions for choosing an influencer marketing tool

Influencer marketing software has made an astonishing breakthrough in the world of marketing as an essential tool for decision making. In a sector in which data and numbers rule the roost, this type of software provides brands with sufficient information to implement successful strategies when designing a campaign. So, now that using these tools has become the norm in influencer marketing, the question is, which one should you choose? Does each ...

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Campaña con influencer de moda

Madrid Fashion Week, a space for fashion and influencers

Hannibal Laguna, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Roberto Torreta… these are just a few of the Spanish fashion designers who showed off their creations to the world during Madrid fashion week. But, they weren’t the only ones doing some product promotion during this event. Over the years, the Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week has become the ideal space for brands and influencers to carry out marketing campaigns to attract followers to the ...

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